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Written by: J Chan

There has always been a demand for portable power banks, as technology is more “on the go” then it ever has been in recent years. Especially in the smartphone industry as devices get more and more advanced, yet battery seems to drain quickly due to high usage and stress on device. Today we will be looking at a very slick looking at Horde power bank by Swordfish Tech, which is a collectors item from the recent Warcraft movie. This movie inspired merchandise will sure allow you to express your inner fan of the movie while also keeping your electronic devices from running out of power. Let’s go ahead and open the box and see what’s inside.

As you can see, the boxing is very presentable and straightforward. The Horde Symbol on the front sets the tone as to what’s going to be inside. There is a flap that opens and allows you to see the power bank through a display, the flap itself contains a few paragraphs which mentions a bit of the back story that takes place in the Warcraft movie.


When contents are removed from inside, it seems it was kept to a minimum, as it only contains what is necessary, which is the power bank, a quick start guide and a MicroUSB chord about 12 inches long. Lets take a look at the specs.
• Battery Capacity: 6720 MAH
• Input: 5v/2A Max
• Output: 5V/2.4A Max
• QC 2.0 Standard Compatible
• Compatible with MicroUSB or Apple Lightning Devices
• Charge up to 2 devices at once
• LED power indicator
• On/Off Button
Now let’s play around with it and see what it can do.

This device feels pretty sturdy and doesn’t feel like it will break easily, and I can almost fully wrap my hand around the device. It is textured to resemble rock and the red horde symbol LED makes it appear as if its lava. All the ports are located in one side along with the power button. The power button is a bit hard to see, as it blends in with the rest of the device, but it can be found once taking a close look.

For device test, we will be charging a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge smartphone and a LG Nexus 5 smartphone from empty battery and leave it for one hour and we will see how much charge we get from each phone. The Samsung smartphone will be plugged in the 2.4A USB port and the LG smartphone on the double lightning port.

Final result, after one hour of charging both smartphones, the LG nexus 5 ended with 75% charged battery and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was only 72% charged. We got to keep in mind that the Samsung Galaxy does have a slightly larger battery, and both phones typically take about 1.5 hours to fully charge from the outlet.
This is definitely a device that every die-hard Warcraft fan must own, whether a fan of the game and/or the movie. Especially if you happen to need power “on the go” and your electronic devices can’t seem to make it for much of the day without needing a recharge, whether it’s a smartphone, smartwatch, Bluetooth devices and even small laptops. Pricing is actually not very bad either, as it will only cost $59.99 USD currently.


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