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Alchemy Classic HD Now Available for Android


It’s free!!


NIAsoft today announced that Alchemy Classic HD, its newest version of the popular brain-teasing game, is now available on the Google Play. Introduced in 2011, this remake of the original Alchemy game by Christian Steinruecken has been downloaded over 3 million times with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Alchemy Classic HD is designed specifically for Android tablets and offers an updated library of elements in high definition.

Alchemy Classic HD puts you into the shoes of a real explorer, challenging you to create the world from the basic elements of nature such as fire, water, earth and air. By combining these four and their subsequent products, the player will create different unique items, from the simplest bacteria to mammals and from tools to high-tech factories. The true fun is in the fact that the element combinations make sense. If you, for example, combine internal combustion engine and balloon, you get airship.

To make combinations, the player needs to drag and drop elements on top of one another. If the combination is correct, a new element will be created automatically. With each new element, there appear new opportunities for combinations, so the fun never ends. If the puzzle gets particularly hard, the player can use hints.

Key Features:

· Addictive game play with a high replayability level.

· Excellent content, well thought-out evolution paths (from the simplest microorganisms to mammals, from the steam to the jet engine, from natural deposits to drilling machines, from batteries to solar power plants).

· Clean and beautiful graphics.

· Flexible system of hints, letting the player get advice in the most difficult moments of the game.

· Logical thinking required to solve puzzles.

· 17 languages supported.

The game contains many elements from various areas, including wildlife, green electric power, space and much more! The content of the game will be appreciated by all lovers of the alchemy-like games.

Alchemy Classic HD 1.5.2 is available on the Google Play for free. Requires Android 1.5 and up.

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