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AMDUnveils Its FirePro S10000 Server Graphics Cards


AMD launched a new server-grade graphics card called the FirePro S10000. The graphics card is described as the industry’s most powerful server graphics card and is designed specifically for HPC workloads in graphics intensive applications. AMD states the video card can exceed 1 Tflops of double-precision floating-point performance

AMD said in their press release that the video card offers 5.19 Tflop of single-precision and 1.48 Tflop of double-precision floating-point calculations. Also,  the video card uses AMD’s next-generation Graphics Core Next Architecture. The powerful graphics card is aimed at use in a variety of fields including finance, oil exploration, aeronautics, automotive design and engineering, geophysics, life sciences, medicine, and defense.

The S10000 will be $3599,  AMD has already started shipping the card to key strategic partners. For more details  visit  AMD website for the cards full specs.

Source: engadget

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