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Genius Announces Kids Designers II Learning Graphics Tablet

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Need something for the kids? How about a drawing tablet? We have the original version of this and my youngest loves it, I can’t wait to see the new one..


Genius today announces their new learning graphics tablet – Kids Designer II. Helping to accelerate kids’, ages 3-8, learning and creativity skills, this Genius learning graphics tablet is a fun yet educational tool for kids to play, paint, create, and learn.
The Kids Designer II has a 5” x 8” contact area as well as large volume buttons giving kids convenient control. Additionally, the enter key on the front of this learning graphics tablet gives kids instant game access.
Kids can use the wireless stylus to play Kids Designer II’s interactive games and activities, or even use it as a mouse. When finished using the stylus, it can be placed on the adjustable pen stand – eliminating any worries about losing the stylus.
The Kids Designer II has fifteen learning games, creative activities, and programs at three difficulty levels that cover a range of subjects, including: colors, shapes, logic, geography, math, memory, responsiveness, and drawing. The kid-friendly interface ensures that children won’t get bored.
Simply install the software, plug Genius’ Kids Designer II into your computer via USB, and watch your kids’ minds take-off while they express themselves, learn valuable skills, and get a head-start on mastering technological innovations of tomorrow.
Genius’ Kids Designer II is compatible with Windows® 7/Vista/XP. One USB port is required for connecting the tablet to your PC, as well as a CD/DVD-ROM for software installation.

Package Contents:
  • Kids Designer II
  • Cordless pen
  • CD includes: Kids Designer II game software (15 games)
  • Multi-language user manual

Product photos and detailed specs are available at:

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