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Google gets a facelift

Google updateNow that the web is turning 25, Google is abandoning some of its outdated designs for a more modern feel. Google, which came into existence as a research project about 18 years ago, has grown into an industry giant whose footprint spans more than just the search engine realm. Today, Google is stepping away from its last remaining design feature left from the 1996 interface: underlined links.
If you opened up Google this morning and couldn’t realize what was different, you aren’t alone; something changed, except nothing looked obviously unusual. If you agree that something was out of place but couldn’t point it out, you may have recognized the new look from your mobile device. Leaving behind the underlines brings a cleaner look to Google’s site, and effectively streamlines the mobile and app appearances with the desktop site. Google designer Jon Wiley gave the full run down, saying that they have “increased the size of result titles, removed the underlines, and evened out all the line heights.” Though it isn’t radical, design change is not typical for Google and this update modernizes and cleans up the search engine’s interface.


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