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Microsoft Surface 32GB Tablet Sells out

Microsoft highly anticipated Surface RT Tablet 32GB model (without touch cover) is sold out and shipping date has been delay by 3 weeks.  The 32GB with touch cover and the 64GB with cover are still available for pre-order and expected to ship on October 26.  Microsoft website has not posted any additional information about shipping delays.


Microsoft Surface RT Prices

  • 32GB without Touch Cover $499
  • 32GB with black Touch Cover $599
  • 64GB with black Touch Cover $699

Accessories are also available for Pre-order:

Surface Type Cover comes in black, white, magenta, red or cyan for $199.99 and a Surface touch Cover in white for $129.99

Source: http://business.financialpost.com/2012/10/17/microsoft-may-have-sold-out-of-32-gb-surface-in-online-preorders/

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