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The iOpener is Here!


Here’s an interesting one for you, it’s a bottle opener built into a case for you iPhone. Yeah I don’t get the point of it either, but hey why not right?


West280, a leading designer of innovative, form-fitting cases for the iPhone, today announced its new iOpener 4 for all iPhone 4 models. With lines inspired by a stealth fighter jet, iOpener 4 is stunningly sleek yet deceptively tough. This slim case fits the iPhone like a fine Armani suit, yet protects like a suit of armor. The elegantly engineered case also includes West280’s patented, slide-out bottle opener, adding an intense splash of personality to the iPhone. 

iOpener includes a raised bezel to protect the screen and full perimeter protection around iPhone controls and ports.  West280’s unique engineered interior design transfers the majority of impact forces away from the phone body. The two-piece case is molded from a proprietary polycarbonate/ABS polymer alloy that is capable of withstanding massive impact forces. When the stainless steel bottle opener is retracted into the case the three layers of plastic and steel create a suit of armor that may make iOpener the world’s toughest plastic case.

iOpener 4 is available now for Pre-Order for $29.95 at.  Shipments are expected to begin approximately February-March 2012 timeframe. All U.S orders ship free via Priority Mail.

iOpener 3 is currently shipping for $29.95 at. iOpener 3 fits all models of iPhone 3 (3, 3G and 3Gs).

Check out the new iPhone 4 lineup, plus all of West280’s great cases at

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