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Architects of Tomorrow: Looking into the minds of IT Legends



Architects of Tomorrow: Looking into the minds of IT Legends

As someone who has been involved in technology for close to 10 years now, I have come across many Industry experts who I have worked with and today I would like to talk a little about my friend William Van Winkle. With 21 years in the PC industry, William Van Winkle worked through distribution, retailing, and (for the last 14 years) journalism at outlets such as CPU, Tom’s Hardware, LAPTOP, and PC Magazine. Today, he still writes for several of these publications as well as freelance and consults. Besides his big contributions to these magazines he has just recently released a series of books titled “Architects of Tomorrow”

AoT cover 5b - 800 high  AoT2 cover 1a - 1280 high

I have truly enjoyed the books and I recommend everyone in the IT industry to take a look. Specially if you wonder what goes on in the minds of legendary people who built our digital world, what inspired them, what their short and long-term vision was, whether they “got it right” and where they and technology are headed.


I highly recommend this book and hope to see some feedback on what you think.

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