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Arctic Cooling changed their name to just Arctic; they’ve diversified into much more than just cooling as they had been. Today for review I’ve got the Arctic M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse that features adjustable DPI settings, a laser sensor for accurate tracking and an ergonomic design. The M551 is also very inexpensive, especially when compared to other gaming mice on the market today. So let’s just get into…

Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

ARCTIC M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

The ARCTIC M551 is the wired laser gaming mouse featuring high precision optical sensor to translate your hand movements into actions on the screen accurately. It is quick, comfortable, and practical.

Ergonomic Designs

The ARCTIC M551 is a full-sized right-hand-user mouse offering maximum comfort. Its ergonomic design allows extended gaming or work sessions without feeling tired in the hand.

Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

As a highly precise tool for navigation, the sensitivity level of the ARCTIC M551 is adjustable from 800, 1600, to 2400 dpi. For simple internet browsing, lower dpi level is sufficient; however, intense online gaming may require higher dpi level for rapid and precise cursor to slide freely on screen. The setting is changed by clicking the dpi button. The preset sensitivity level is displayed by a LED on the mouse as well.

Practical Functions

Equipped with functional features, the ARCTIC M551 is ideal for both gaming and applications such as photo or video editing, and everyday browsing. It contains easily accessible features – such as the backward and forward buttons on the side, and a quick and precise scrolling wheel to navigate content conveniently. The 1.8m cable is coated to eliminate line clustering.


Limited Warranty: 2 years

Connector: USB 2.0

Cable (m): 1.8

Sensitivity (dpi): 800 / 1600 / 2400

Tracking Engine: Laser

Dimensions: 119 L x 80 W x 41 H mm

Gross Weight: 0.23 kg

Price: $24.95


A Better Look at Things:

The Arctic M551 comes in some flashy and nice looking packaging.



There isn’t much in the box, just the mouse, user manual, and an Arctic case badge.


The mouse is white, silver and gray in color. On the top is the scroll wheel, DPI change button and the Arctic logo. The mouse is plastic of course, it’s very lightweight and it feels hollow really. It doesn’t have a solid feel to it like other gaming mice I’ve used.


The M551 is an ergonomic mouse so it’s shaped a bit oddly, the right side sticks out a bit as a rest.

acmice5 acmice6

On the left side of the mouse you’ll see the DPI LED indicators and two more buttons for back and forward.

acmice7 acmice8

Here’s the front view showing the buttons and scroll wheel, along with the profile.


On the bottom are the identification label, sensor and five feet.



Installation, Testing and Comparison:

For the last several months I’ve been happily using the Mionix Naos 3200 gaming mouse so here’s both side by side for comparison.


The LEDs on the side are green, blue and red to visually indicate the settings. Green is for 800 dpi, red is for 1600 dpi and then blue is for 2400 dpi.

acmice12 acmice13 acmice14 

I used the M551 for about two weeks, replacing the Naos 3200, for light gaming and regular everyday work.

The first thing I noticed about the M551 is that it is very lightweight. I prefer a heavier mouse myself, so it took a lot to get accustomed to and I never really got used to it honestly. It’s just way to light in weight for my tastes.

As far as accuracy it seems to work fine in that area. Switching the DPIs is easy, just push the button and it changes. There is no way to set the DPI manually; you’re stuck with what comes with it. I would much rather have the ability to adjust the settings to my own preferences. On the other hand, there’s no extra software to install like most other gaming mice have. The higher DPI settings make the cursor move very fast as you might expect, something that gamers might appreciate.

I did notice that the M551 seems to ‘go to sleep’ if you don’t use it for a minute or so. The mouse takes a second or two to wake up when this happens. For example while I’m typing I won’t use the mouse often, and then when I go to use it, it’s not ready to be used. I’ll move the mouse thinking it moved but it really didn’t. It’s more annoying than anything really. I guess when you’re gaming it won’t matter much as the mouse will most likely be moving constantly.



Summary and Comments:

The Arctic M551 is a decent mouse for the price with some nice features that gamers should appreciate.

There’s no doubt the Arctic M551 is an inexpensive mouse, but the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ really applies here. Yes it’s aimed at gamers, but it doesn’t have any of the features that most gamers would look for in a gaming mouse. The M551 doesn’t have any kind of programmability, a braided cord, adjustable weighting or gold plated contacts.

Overall it’s not bad, but it’s not going to replace more expensive gaming mice that are on the market.

We give the ARCTIC M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse a 4 out of 5 score.



+Well made

+Decent design

+Easy to use

+Good tracking




-Not configurable

-Very lightweight

-No braided cord

-Sometimes skips movement

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