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Blizzard gaming goes to college

(Credit: TeSPA)

(Credit: TeSPA)

A wide variety of competitive sports make up a huge part of every college experience, most of which involve throwing some sort of ball. However, one category of gaming that isn’t as large in the public eye entails sitting at a desk. The world of online gaming is growing with popularity every year, and the amount of college students that participate is, too. A large portion of these students, though, live on college student budgets, and lack resources to hold or orchestrate large scale tournaments for these games. Gaining a new partnership with Blizzard, The eSports Association (TeSPA) has begun the “Membership Milestone Program” to fund college-level competitive esports.

Through this new program, colleges that create a chapter will earn rewards as incentive for larger participation in the tournaments. These rewards vary from shirts and a chapter website, to pizza parties, banners, and meet-and-greets with special guests. Blizzard’s backing will both increase visibility for their games, and also raise awareness TeSPA and its programs. The eSports Association has been in place since 2010, but has been growing over the years, broadening their participant base, and obviously catching the eye of the industry giant Blizzard. Hopefully, with this new collaboration, TeSPA will see productive growth and successful integration into more campuses.



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