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Cooler Master’s COMFORTER mini: Perfect for your Ultrabook/MacBook Air and even iPad mini

Cooler Master has been coming out with a whole slew of products that seem to be geared towards today’s style conscious mobile professionals.  Most recently, we checked out the CLUTCH – a sleek-looking vertical dock for thin and light laptops like the MacBook Air which we really liked.  Today, we’re following up with a little peek at another product designed for laptops, and this time, even tablets. 


Introducing the COMFORTER mini

As the name implies, the mini was designed for comfort.  It’s one of Cooler Master’s comfort-oriented laptop desks/pads/stands/coolers, the latest from its popular line of COMFORTER products announced not too long ago.  While the standard COMFORTER products are geared towards a wide-range of laptop sizes and can accommodate even the larger notebooks up to 17 inches, the new COMFORTER mini really focuses on the smaller devices.

With a name like COMFORTER, we did expect for the product to be quite comfortable in the lap, of course.  The COMFORTER mini features a soft fabric and cushiony, pillow-like padding on the bottom that’s actually quite comfortable.  It’s not as “squishy” as those laptop desks that have the micro-bead filling inside, but we don’t like those anyway – we like that it’s less like a beaded neck pillow and more like memory foam neck pillow; it’s firmer and more dense, which really helps the laptop stay level.


A Flexible, Well-Thought Out Design

Where the COMFORTER mini really shines, though, is its flexibility.  When you flip it around/upside down, with the cushioned surface facing up and the smooth, flat surface facing down, you get a tablet stand for your lap, desk or (as they suggest on their website) even your belly.  After some playing around with the product and our various laptops and tablets in the office, we thought that the multi-use design was a neat little touch that adds to the overall value of the product. 

Besides the multiple position design, another design feature we really liked is the groove design that helps with managing power cables, charging cables, USB cables, headphone cables, and basically any other cable that you might use with your laptop, tablet or other device that you plan to use with the COMFORTER mini product.  Basically, by organizing the cables somewhat in that grooved area, you can keep your makeshift workstation neat and tidy, no matter where you’re working.


Two Thumbs Up for the “mini”

Cooler Master has done a great job with the COMFORTER mini – it’s more mini in size than its predecessor, but it’s no mini in terms of design features.  Even with the absence of fans other laptop-cooling features that are commonly found in laptop cooler products, we still highly recommend the COMFORTER mini as a laptop cooler/stand/pad/desk.  The product is simple yet great-looking, comfortable on the lap (and probably belly), and features built-in cord management to eliminate clutter – two thumbs up.

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