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CoolerMaster NotePal ErgoStand Basic

The NotePal ErgoStand Basic is just another of CoolerMaster’s large product offering to facilitate the needs of laptop PCs.  While coolers/stands actually hinder the portability of a laptop, it does help improve airflow when being used as a replacement desktop, especially for new high-end gaming laptops.

The key focus of this product is obviously the ergonomic design (as the name says) and so I wanted to go about testing it to see just how beneficial it can be.

I’d also like to disclose that this unit was provided by Coolermaster and we thank them for their support.


The Packaging

The Ergostand comes in a basic Coolermaster color box design with an overview of features and specifications.  After opening it up, the stand is protected by Styrofoam and also a plastic bag. Included is the Notepal Ergostand, two anti-slip guards, a USB cable with port extender, and the user manual.



The Stand

Like most notebook coolers, the Ergostand comes in an all black design, a 140mm covered  by a mesh design to specifically cool your notebook, and 4 rubber pads to keep the notebook in place; unlike most notebook coolers, the Ergostand also includes the ability to change the angle, effectively creating an ergonomic design to fit your usage needs.





The included USB cable that powers the unit includes a port extender – this is a great bonus because you won’t lose your limited number of USB ports while utilizing the cooler. There is an upgraded model of the Ergostand that also includes a 4-port USB hub.

A large metal bar on the back of the cooler allows for five adjustable viewing angles for your laptop with the included four grooves.  Also on the back are two rubber feet and the 140mm fan exhaust. Even better, there are actually clips for cable management to make your work/play environment much cleaner.

The two included anti-slip guards are primarily used for when you have your laptop on an angle and they are very easy to install. They adjust to support from 14″ to 17″ laptops with ease.


I used this cooler/stand primarily for an office environment and it has turned out spectacular. I placed it at an angle where I have the screen at eye level while being able to use the keyboard without straining my wrists.

While the stand itself is a very unique piece of work, my only complaint would be the fan noise. It is fairly audible when I wasn’t doing anything intensive (idle).  The cooling performance does really make up for the noise when on full load, because gaming gets my laptop extremely hot and the ErgoStand was able to keep it almost 15 degrees cooler during load! During idle it kept it 5-6 degrees lower.

Final Thoughts

This is a very solid product that provided exactly what it advertises – an ergonomically designed stand with impressive cooling.

This is a fairly new product at 29.99 while the upgraded version with a USB 4-port hub sells for about $10 more. We think this is a great deal and look forward to seeing it on promotion.

I’ve used other stands in the past and none have been as useful as this one. InsideIndustryNews gives this a 9/10 Awarding it our InsideIndustryNews.com Recommended Award!

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