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FreedomPop iPod Touch 4G Sleeve Turns An iPod Into An iPhone With Free 4G Anywhere

FP iPod image 3

Now this is a cool little gadget I think. FreedomPop has just announced that it’s taking pre-order for their new Sleeve or case for your iPod Touch 4G that enables 4G internet but best of all it’s free.


FreedomPop (www.freedompop.com), the disruptive free social wireless broadband Internet company, today announces it is launching limited pre-sales for its new iPod Touch 4G Sleeve. The FreedomPop 4G iPod Sleeve snaps on to any iPod Touch and enables a seamless connection to FreedomPop’s high-speed 4G network essentially turning the iPod into an iPhone . With free high-speed 4G connections, the iPod can stream videos, make calls, become a personal hotspot, and connect to Wi-Fi anywhere FreedomPop’s 4G network exists.

“When we announced our iPhone 4G Sleeve, we received thousands of emails asking for a similar device for the iPod,” said FreedomPop COO Steven Sesar. “We listened and have worked tirelessly to make this device a reality in time for our launch. This new device is a big step toward FreedomPop’s aim of disrupting the mobile broadband market and providing all Americans with access to free, fast, reliable wireless Internet.” The new iPod Touch 4G Sleeve also turns your iPod into a wireless hotspot, allowing up to eight additional devices to connect to it.

FreedomPop is also unveiling more details about its social platform for Internet access through its FreedomFriends Plan, which lets users earn an additional 10 free megabytes for each friend they bring onboard. What’s more, FreedomPop takes the family plan concept recently announced by Verizon and AT&T a huge step further by letting all friends share capacity or request capacity from each other. Additional friend functionality such as location, online presence and even free voice calls will be added over time.

“The iPod Touch 4G Sleeve gives your iPod fast, free Internet on the go,” said FreedomPop VP of Product Mauricio Sastre. “The more friends you have, the more free capacity you get, so users can have a carrier-free option that allows you to enjoy an iPhone experience without the hassle of contracts or fees. For the first time, FreedomPop’s making Internet access a social experience.” 

The FreedomPop Plan

With the FreedomFriends Plan, users will have up to 1GB of free broadband, with an initial minimum of 500MB plus an additional 10MB per friend up to 1 GB free.  In addition, FreedomPop will allow heavier data users to earn up to 5 GB free by engaging in partner offers and promotions.

“While AT&T and Verizon continue to post record profits based on higher data rates, FreedomPop is working to restore competitive pressure to the industry and give power back to the people with the world’s first social broadband platform, providing free access for all,” said Sesar.

To see the iPod Touch 4G Sleeve in action, watch this video: http://youtu.be/SKWY4ZMjVwg

FreedomPop is accepting pre-orders at www.FreedomPop.com.

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