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Gloves and touchscreens can work together with Nanotips

(Credit: nanotips)

(Credit: nanotips)

Whether it’s for cold weather, or a job requirement, wearing gloves of all sorts can be a hindrance when using touchscreen technology. But Nanotips may have a solution for all of your non-conductive glove issues. With the new formula that Tony Yu developed, the conductive liquid will create the same capacitive effect as your fingers have on the touch screens. The liquid paints right on to any gloves or other surface you wish to use it on, coming in both black and blue. Right now, the company is taking pledges on Kickstarter for the liquid, $20 ($22 Canadian) for black, or $27 ($30 Canadian) for blue, but these prices are changing as more backers pledge. The company has already nearly tripled its $10,500 CAD goal, with currently 1,043 backers and $33,197 CAD pledged. The company even has future goals to make the technology available for use in prosthetics, as in their current state, they cannot easily interact with touchscreen devices.


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