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LG Touch 10 Monitor


The Touch 10 is a touchscreen monitor which has been optimized for Windows 8, and allows all ten digits to be used on-screen, simultaneously. LG states that its finger-friendly monitor will be released with a 23-inch screen, but while the company is pushing the impressive touch capabilities of the Touch 10, it’s being reserved about the other specs. One detail LG did mention is that the monitor uses an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel.

LG Touch 10 as ideal for both tablets and existing PC setups offering a larger display and more points of interaction for users. The monitor has been designed with Windows 8 in mind, all the relevant gestures should work as standard, and it also affords new actions such as dragging and rotating multiple items simultaneously.  For users who prefer to keep their glass smudge-free, the Touch 10 can be used with a stylus,  it will be sold separately.

The LG Touch 10 will be available in South Korea next month, followed by markets in Europe and other yet unspecified regions.  Price and the full list of specs are still to be announced.

Source: Hexus.net

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