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LG’s Knock code brings added security to older models

LG knock

In addition to passwords, patterns and PIN codes, LG users will soon be able to wake and unlock their devices with a new feature, Knock code.

The new feature will allow users to set their own “knock” or tap pattern to unlock the phone by creating a custom pattern of taps. A pattern can consist of two to eight taps in the four invisible quadrants of the screen, and can be performed while the phone screen is off, both unlocking and waking up the screen. This method allows for more than 80,000 possible unlock combinations.

LG says that this feature will meet the needs of users, who unlock their phones between 100 and 150 times a day. Because of the invisibility of the grid used for the knocks, they are confident that the Knock code will be more convenient and safer than other security features, like fingerprint scanning.

On Tuesday, the company announced that the feature will be released as a firmware update for many of its older models, coming preloaded onto the G Pro 2.


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