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Matsunichi DM256 500GB Hard Drive

Matsunichi Hard DriveWhy settle for a boring black portable hard drive when you can carry your files with style in eye-popping colors? Thanks to Matsunichi, this choice is now yours. The DM256, in addition to its brighter selection of colors, is conveniently sized to take on the go. This 500GB hard drive uses USB 3.0, keeping it up to date with the newer technology available.

Design and Features

If you choose to take advantage of one of the bright colors available of this unit (orange, blue, white, or black), this is one hard drive that would be tough to lose. Measuring up at 5.3 x 3.4 x 0.7 inches and weighing in at about 6.4 ounces, this unit is slightly larger than some other brands of the same capacity. However, its smooth plastic shell and fun design are perks that make up for the size difference. The unit comes with a short USB 3.0 to mini USB connector, a quick start guide, and a sheet explaining the warranty.
This model of the hard drive has a good amount of storage for backing up files, and is also available in a 1TB model. Once the drive is plugged in, it automatically downloads the drivers, eliminating the hassle of manually downloading any files. When you first plug it in, you may see small squares as the name, as it comes named with Chinese characters (assumed to be Matsunichi) but can be easily changed. It is formatted with NTFS for PC, but the drive can be formatted to be used both on Mac or PC (or both) but that will require reformatting it. Unfortunately, there aren’t any instructions on how to do this included with the drive, so if you aren’t computer savvy, it may take a minute of research. But once it’s running, there’s no more fussing with settings.


The drive comes equipped with USB 3.0 to take advantage of the fastest transfer speed available.  However, because the rotation speed is only 5400rpm, it doesn’t quite take advantage of the speeds available. Transferring a 1.15 GB file took close to 50 seconds, certainly slower than the USB 3.0 could potentially transfer. Coming in at about 10 cents per GB, though, no complaints can really be made, as the unit still does perform adequately for a hard drive at this price point.

Pros: Fun and bright colors available. Compact and portable for frequent transportation.

Cons: Transfer cord is very short. Slightly larger than other brands. Uses USB 3.0, but doesn’t transfer faster than USB 2.0 speeds.

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