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Metro eCigarettes, Starter and Platinum Kits



Metro eCigarettes, Starter and Platinum Kits


Some habits are harder to quit than others and we all wish we could have a substitution for that habit. I know first hand, as yes I use to smoke, I knew I shouldn’t, I had tried to quit several times but it didn’t work out well. Finally, I was able to beat the habit but it wasn’t easy. Now technology has allowed a different way to smoke and that’s the electronic cigarette.


So today for review I’ve got something very different, it’s a starter and Platinum kit from a company called Nicotek. It includes pretty much everything you need to get started on your way to breaking the habit without the constant frustration of wanting one. You’ll still be smoking but it’s not smoke it’s actually vapor which is safer for you and everyone around you obviously. At the same time you can control the nicotine % so that you can slowly but surely ease your way out of the habit. No more second hand smoke and you take care of the oral fixation and your nicotine fix as well. I’ll be honest it’s not the same as a real cigarette, but it’s better and I think it’s certainly worth a try if you’re not ready or even willing to totally quit.

I wish these were around before when I tried quitting.

Starter Kit:

The Metro Starter Kit is available in traditional and menthol flavor. (We received Menthol of course)
– (1) Rechargeable Batteries
– (2) 1.8% Traditional Hybrid Cartridges
– (1) USB Battery Charger
– (1) Deluxe Tin Carrying Case

Pricing: $19.99

Platinum Kit:

The Metro Platinum Kit is available in traditional and menthol flavor.
– (2) Rechargeable Batteries
– (5) 1.8% Traditional Hybrid Cartridges
– (5) 1.2% Traditional Hybrid Cartridges
– (1) USB Battery Charger
– (1) Mini Car Charger
– (1) Mini Wall Charger
– (1) Deluxe Tin Carrying Case

Pricing: $49.99

Metro was kind enough to send me over the Starter Kit, Platinum Kit, some promo materials and some extra different flavored cartomizers. Cartomizers are where the nicotine is and where the atomizer is. The atomizer heats up and produces the vapor which you inhale.

One small thing I have to say is that the flavor doesn’t seem to last as long as I thought it would. The E-Cigarette cartomizer does last a long time it seems to last longer than the flavor does. No, that’s not quite right, there is a very slight flavor, but nowhere near as strong as when you first start.

Something  that’s great about these is the fact that they produce a lot of vapor, and I mean a lot. It’s pretty much like you’re smoking but it can be harsh when you first start, I did cough a few times when I got started.The battery life is very good. Two batteries fully charged should last you an entire day with normal use.


So if you’re thinking about quitting but really don’t want to I think E-Cigs are the way to go. You still get the nicotine and you still get the feeling of smoking.

The price of these kits are very reasonable and for what you get I think it’s well worth it. It’s a nice way to get you feet wet as it were with the whole e-cigarette thing.

Overall, we all agree if your planning to quit,or transitioning over to ecigs. Then Metro ecigs may not be a bad option, which is why we are awarding the cigs a 8.5 out of 10 rating as well as awarding it our recommended award.



– Great Pricing

– Great Flavor

– Good battery life

– Alternative to real cigarettes


– Flavor fades after 9-12 puffs

NOTE: Nicotek does not make any claims to be a cessation product and has not been tested as such. All opinions and claims made on this website are not endorsed by Nicotek.



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