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MIT designs a danger-proof floating nuclear reactor

(Credit: MIT)

(Credit: MIT)

The more we rely on technology, the greater our need for energy becomes. But when it comes to potentially hazardous materials, finding a place for these materials to be stored can be questionable. In the case of a nuclear reactor, events like Fukushima have shown that these facilities have potential for great disaster.

MIT may have figured out a solution for a safe, hopefully disaster-proof, location for nuclear reactors. They have put together a design for an offshore power plant that would be immune to many of the disasters that affect structures on land. By floating these platforms far from the coast, the reactor wont be affected by earthquakes, which are felt on land, tsunamis, whose waves are small that far from land, and meltdowns, because of the passive cooling caused by the surrounding water.

While there are pros and cons of the plan, like the suggestion to vent the radioactive gases into the water instead of the air, the idea seems to have potential that those at MIT will be working to develop.

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