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Mobbles Now Available on iOS and Android


This sounds a lot like Pokémon to me? It’s a game where you capture, collect and trade creatures?! It’s free though, so that’s a good thing…


Capturing and taking care of virtual beings was never this much fun. Introducing Mobbles, a free location-based, augmented reality app featuring the mysterious “Mobbles”—wild virtual creatures that can only be seen through smartphone and tablet screens. Available at the App Store and Google Play, the game includes more than 50 different Mobbles found in real locations all over the world.

“Our generation grew up with Pokémon and Tamagotchi”

The basic rules are simple: Players need to be within 54 yards to catch a Mobble. Some can be found only in San Francisco; others prefer New York City. Some only come out at night; others like to hide under the Eiffel Tower! Once a player captures a Mobble, he or she can feed them, play with them, or give them toys and musical instruments. If a Mobble is not properly cared for, it’ll get sad… and maybe even die.

Players who like to keep their Mobbles entertained can spend in-game currency (Crystals) or actual cash (MobbDollars) to buy new rooms, toys, clothes, food, and much more. It’s also possible to buy eggs instead of chasing after a Mobble in the real world–saving gas and shoe soles in the process.

“Our generation grew up with Pokémon and Tamagotchi,” says Alexandre Curtelin, co-founder of Mobbles Corp. “With Mobbles, we distilled the Pokémon experience to its basic components and added location-based and augmented reality gameplay—resulting in an experience more akin to magic than gaming. You’ll never forget the day you captured your first Mobble.”


50+ different Mobbles are available at launch.

New Mobbles appear in the wild every week.

Once a player catches a Mobble, it’s no longer available—and other players can’t catch it.

Mobbles are dynamic rather than static—often changing their positions several times throughout the day.

Players are notified when Mobbles need them (i.e., when they’re hungry, tired or bored).

Each Mobble has a personal universe, with clothing to match (e.g., Sploon’s theme is Hawaii, Ribble is a scientist).

Mobbles level up—unlocking new content; once a Mobble hits Level 5 (“adopted”), it is happy and will no longer ask players to take care of it.

When Mobbles are happy, they drop Crystals that players can use to buy new stuff.

By completing small achievements (e.g., bathing them before they go to sleep, feeding them breakfast), players gain experience or Crystals.

Players can add friends and trade Mobbles.

Mobbles was created by Alexandre Curtelin (co-founder), Pierre-Olivier Marec (CTO) and Frédéric Hélie (lead designer). The company was incubated in the summer of 2011 by i/o Ventures–raising half a million dollars.

Mobbles is now available for download in the App Store [download link] and on Google Play [download link].

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