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Neptor Portable Battery Pack

Neptor Battery PackWith the digital age upon us, there is rarely an occasion that we aren’t connected to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops. But with the convenience comes a downfall. What do you do when the battery dies? Suddenly your connection to the social world is gone. Neptor fixes this issue with a new portable battery pack, boasting 2-3 full charges for smart phones, the ability to charge both a phone and tablet simultaneously, and a bonus flash light, so you are never stuck in the dark.

Design and Features

One feature that makes the battery pack stand out is its appearance. The pack only comes in bright colors (blue, green, purple, red, or orange), both making it look a bit more exciting, and easier to spot when in the clutter of daily life. It does have a bit of a different shape, a hybrid of a cylinder and a rectangle. This, along with the satin finish, makes the pack comfortable to hold, and easy to stand while in use. With only one button and a few lights, its simplicity shows the pack is made for ease of use and performance. The lights clearly indicate the battery power (25% each) and eliminate the guessing game that comes with some light indicators. And if the lights on the pack aren’t a nice enough feature for you, try pressing the button on the side twice. This will turn on the bonus flashlight that is included with the pack. The flashlight is located by the dual output ports, making charging and using the light less awkward with the jumble of wires and holding the unit. The design of the pack makes it easy to take on the go, even including a small wrist band for even more portability.


While the packaging says it takes about 5-7 hours to charge up, we noticed that it takes a little less, about 4-5 hours, a pleasant surprise. And when it comes to charging up a device, it seems to take about the same amount of time that normally charging with an AC charger. By far, the best feature that sets this pack apart from its competitors is its dual ports. As this is a mid-sized capacity, 5600mAh, these dual ports are a convenient feature in a pack this of its size. One is a 2.1A port, for high drain devices like tablets, and a 1.0A port, for lower drain devices like smart phones. If this is confusing at all, it’s all explained in the rather thorough user manual. Both of these ports mean that you’ll always have the power needed for your portable device if you need a charge. As expected, when using both ports simultaneously, the output does limit to 2.3A which makes charging a bit slower. But, with the dual ports available, the possibility of charging two devices makes up for a little slowing of performance. It even boasts to hold up to 80% charge after a full year of non-use, but we didn’t have the time to test out that one. At a price point comparable to other packs of the same size, the dual port is a feature that should make this pack an easy choice.


Pros: Bright colors. Small and compact. Comfortable to hold. Bonus flashlight. Easy charge indication.
Cons: No place to store cable.

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