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Netflix is getting smarter

(Credit: Netflix)

(Credit: Netflix)


Every gadget and service is getting smarter, recommending what you may like to watch, who you may know, or what you want to buy. It only takes a short while to resign to the constant barrage of suggestions, convincing yourself that technology does know you, and that you do really want what it’s selling. But we all know that sometimes it doesn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Netflix, while sometimes pretty close to perfect, is going to work on getting it spot on, every time. To do this, they want to begin use of Neural Networks that would be able to learn about the user.
So far, Netflix has said that they have been able to begin studies with training these networks. In the past, there have been successful instances of training Artificial Neural Networks, but these were costly and overall impractical. They will be working to find the balance between speed and efficiency that would make the benefits of the system practical to implement.


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