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netis WF2471 N600 Wireless Router


From the China-based company Netis Systems, we got a set of networking devices of which we’ll talk in the following series of articles. NETIS SYSTEMS is a provider of networking products and solutions that, rather quietly, has become a major provider in the data communication industry, with a growing reputation for reliable products worldwide.

The following review will center on the netis WF2471 N600 wireless router (Amazon, $54.04).

This device comes in a very well packed box with the usual accessories: a quick guide, stand, power adapter, and Ethernet cable.



The accessories included in the box are the standard Ethernet cable, a device stand, power adapter, and a Quick Installation Guide

The N600 is built in a black plastic enclosure, fairly light; 4 antennae sprout from the side: 2 of them are used for the 2.4GHz band and the other two for the 5GHz band. A Broadcom ® chipset is at the center of the action which, as far as I’m concerned, talks of a great quality-based product. In fact, the N600 is not only a dual-band capable router but it can also simultaneously transfer data in both bands: each band is SSID by default according to its name (2.4g and 5g) so your devices should pick both signals.

Additionally, it can work in five different modes to fit your needs:

  • Access Point for regular use
  • Client for use as an external wireless adapter
  • Repeater to extend the reach of your network
  • Wireless Distribution System (WDS) for wireless interconnection of two networks without Ethernet cabling
  • AP + WDS for wireless networking plus wireless communication between two networks

The N600 has plenty of vents, so wherever it is placed, it will still be properly vented and stay cooled. On the left side, you have the usual four LAN ports, the WLAN port, power jack, a reset button (labeled “Default”) and the WPS function button. On its right side are all the function lights which include indicators for the 5G, 2.4G and WPS functions. The back side has a label with the default settings and its MAC address.

After getting the router situated, I used my devices, a Windows PC, an Android tablet, and an iPhone, find the N600 so I did not connect it to the cable modem.


All of them picked the 2.4G signal first and some seconds later all them were showing the 5G one. I set up all my devices rather close to the router, so the connections only took a few seconds to establish. To test, I played a HD video clip while walking through my home, pausing it and playing it while moving from room to room. In the room farthest from the router, I was still getting pretty good signal even though a number of walls separated my device and the router.

The settings on the N600 are controlled like most other routers: through a web application. While there’s nothing special about this application, and it could afford a little updating, it is very easy to use. The first screen is a Quick Setup screen where you can change the default settings shown in its back side label. These settings were sufficient for the device to work. But if you want more granular control, there is an Advanced button which gives access to more settings.

If you do need any help, I did find that there was no Help section available through the web application, but the Quick guide does show how to contact their Tech Support for any questions that you may have.


The netis WF2471 N600 wireless router is a well-built and fairly priced device. The lack of a Help menu/file could be a bit inconvenient for some, but the Tech Support should be able to help with any questions or concerns that aren’t answered in the Quick guide. Watch the video clip for a slide show.


BEST VALUE8 out of 10

PROS: Easy setup. Very good price for value. Doesn’t get as hot as similar model of Netgear router.

CONS: Appearance could be improved. UI seems a little dated.

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