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New Gmail mobile app to support Yahoo and Outlook emails


Gmail mobile app users will soon be able to access Yahoo and Outlook emails in the updated version, Apparent source coming from blog site Android Police.

The video shown on Android Police blog shows a detail tour of the new update Gmail 5.0 app. The video, which seems to be made by Google, shows a different look for the app and it reveals the new “other email support” towards the end.



In the beginning, the video touts as “all the features you love with a fresh new look” then, as the video continues, it proclaims ” And you can access other email accounts like Yahoo mail, and more.” which then shows how a user can switch to different emails by swiping the top of your smartphone screen.

The current Gmail mobile app only support Gmail accounts, and if you have other email accounts, like Yahoo or Outlook, you will need to hop to a different app and log in. This new feature will certainly make Gmail app more attractive, and it will improve Gmail’s popularity even more.

It’s still unknown when the new Gmail app will be available, as the video did not specify any dates, but it is expected in the coming weeks alongside the new Android Lollipop, the latest version of Google’s mobile OS.

Here is the video below, let us know what you think.


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