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Nyan Cat Adventure Game Xbox Debut

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I’ve never understood the whole Nyan Cat thing, but when you get your own game you know it’s gone big right? 


Internet phenomena turned mainstream crossover success, Nyan Cat, made its Xbox debut this past week, courtesy of developer 21st Street Games. Nyan Cat Adventure is the first officially licensed game on Xbox to feature the iconic Nyan Cat character.

“Viral Internet content and Memes begin their lives on the fringes of pop culture, which is where most of our creative influences lie, so it was a natural fit for us” says 21st Street Games Creative Director Brian Ferrara. “The content that genuinely connects with fans will always work its way into the mainstream, and Nyan Cat is a great example of that type of transition.”

Nyan Cat Adventure is an endless side-scrolling platformer featuring multiple gameplay modes and playable characters set in a randomly generating Nyan-themed world. Within a few hours of it’s release Nyan Cat Adventure gained a 4-star rating from players and has since worked it’s way into both the Top Downloads and Top Rated categories on Xbox Live Indie Games. The game was developed and released by 21st Street Games, previously known for their cult Xbox Indie game hit, Techno Kitten Adventure, released earlier this year.

Nyan Cat became an internet phenomenon in April 2011. The original Nyan Cat video has over 50 million views on YouTube and gained accolades such as being named one of the Most Influential Internet Cats of 2011 by Buzzfeed and one of the top Social Media Moments of 2011 by Mashable. Nyan Cat Adventure is the only Nyan Cat game on Xbox to be officially licensed from the character’s creator, Chris Torres, aka PRguitarman.

Nyan Cat Adventure is 240MSP, with a demo available for free on the Xbox Game Marketplace. Bing search “Nyan Cat Adventure” from the new Xbox Dashboard for immediate access.

Download Nyan Cat Adventure on the Xbox Game Marketplace at

Watch gameplay footage of Nyan Cat Adventure and more at

Like Nyan Cat Adventure on Facebook at

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