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Kingston HyperX Fan Review

Today I’ve got a quick review for you of a great little product from Kingston called the HyperX Fan. We know Kingston makes good ram, and now they’ve come out with a fan to help keep it cool. Cooler is better for anything, but especially when you’re overclocking. The HyperX fan can mean the difference between success and failure or stability for your ram. Even if you’re not overclocking though, your system can benefit from it. The fans blow air on the ram and the surrounding areas as well, so it offers to help airflow within your case.


Kingston HyperX Fan

Model: KHX-FAN-B

HyperX Fan keeps memory cool while looking cool.

Kingston proudly introduces the HyperX Fan. Designed with the gamer and PC enthusiast in mind, its dual 60mm fans optimize airflow around the modules to help memory run at peak performance for longer periods of time. The fan is made of anodized aluminum in the same familiar blue color as the HyperX heatspreaders. When turned on, the fan blades are illuminated by eight small blue LEDs.

Product Specifications:
* Whisper-quiet — 28 dBAm maximum
* 12V rated. 8V-13.5V operational range
* RPM: 3000 +/- 10%

Price: $22.99 (Price from NewEgg at time of review)

The packaging is both cardboard box and plastic box. Included in the box is a brief user manual as you might expect.

  xfan1 xfan2 xfan3

The fan comes in essentially seven parts total. The main housing with the two fans, two side pieces and four thumbscrews.


The fan housing is aluminum and it feels lightweight but well made. It’s from Kingston so I would expect nothing less really. It features two 60mm fans controlled by on 3-pin power connection.

  xfan5 xfan6 xfan7

The housing is actually two parts, the shroud and the a thin section that holds the fans in place.


The first thing you’ll need to do is put it together loosely.  This involves four thumbscrews and the sides. Very simple to do.
 xfan9 xfan10

I’m using the HyperX Fan with my 8gigs of OCZ Gold DDR3 ram.


The HyperX Fan attaches just to the ram clips and is held in place by tension and that’s it.

The fans feature blue LEDs in them to add a bit of color to your case. Here it is installed with flash and without:


 xfan13 xfan14

The LEDS are fairly bright and look good really. The noise level is very low, the HyperX Fans didn’t add any additional noise to my system at all.

To check to see if the fans were actually doing something I used my infrared thermometer to take temperature readings before and after installation.

I test three spots, top, middle and bottom of the ram.

The average of the three temperatures was 32.6C before and 29.1C after. The ambient room temperature was 21.5C.

So it works as you can see. dropping  a few degrees could mean the difference success and failure when you’re overclocking.

The HyperX Fan seems well made, it’s lightweight and it’s easy to install and of course it looks good.

The Kingston HyperX Fan comes in both Blue and Black colors, I have the blue and I found it wouldn’t work with my previous LG1156 board as it had only ram clips on one side. So that could be a problem, but I haven’t seen many motherboards like that one.

Another issue might be when it comes to large sized ram, the clearance isn’t that big so it might not fit.

And finally the last issue is that the HyperX cooler might not work with large sized CPU cooler, those that over hang the ram slots specifically.

There’s those specific issues yes but they’re exceptions.


The Kingston HyperX Fan is what you want in your system when you need to keep your ram cool. It cools the ram yes, but the fans also help cool nearby components as well.

The product is well made and it’s very easy to install, and it works.

+Easy installation
+Looks good
+Works to cool your ram

-Might not fit with ram that have tall heatspreaders
-Might not fit with large CPU coolers

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