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Scholastic Media Launches I SPY Arcade Game Apps for iPhone and Android Platforms


My kids love the I Spy books, personally I can’t stand them as they take so long to read. It always seems my kids want to read them at bed time and I Spy just isn’t something to read before bed, especially if you want to get the kids into that bed. Anyway I Spy is here now for Android and iOS devices with much more coming in the future.



Scholastic Media, a division of Scholastic Inc., (NASDAQ: SCHL) the  global children’s publishing, education and media company, announced today the launch of ‘I SPY Arcade’, a series of four new gaming apps inspired by the brain-teasing play of I SPY ®, the best-selling books and games from Scholastic. With addictive, fast-paced game play that’s easy to learn but tough to master, I SPY Arcade game apps feature I SPY objects in an arcade style play pattern with increasingly challenging brain-teasers.  All four applications will be available for the iPhone® and iPod Touch® on the iTunes App Store, as well as for Android™ smart phones and tablets on the Android Market and other carrier stores. ‘I SPY Arcade: Match Attack’  is available now while ‘I SPY Arcade: Spy Squares’, ‘I SPY Arcade: Fine Line’ and ‘I SPY Arcade: Critter Craze’ will roll out one per month in the respective stores through March 2012 at $2.99 each.

Each I SPY Arcade app features arcade-style games that keep players entertained while offering on-the-spot logic and reasoning challenges, 65 progressively difficult levels and ‘Super Challenger’ bonus levels. The I SPY Arcade apps include:

Players race against time to determine the relationship of moving objects and match them to clear the game board and advance to the next level.  Objects match in different ways (i.e. color, shape, usage, etc.), so players must pay attention and constantly change their thinking.

I SPY ARCADE: SPY SQUARES (Available January 2012)
Every object has its place in Spy Squares and players are challenged to figure out where each belongs!  Objects in every row and column on the game board share characteristics – some obvious (color, shape), others not so obvious (name, function).  More squares and more objects appear through advancing levels, making puzzles more challenging to solve.

I SPY ARCADE: FINE LINE (Available February 2012)
Leverage knowledge of numbers and math to divide objects on the game board into two or more groups with equivalent values. The farther that players advance through the 65 levels, the more complex the puzzles — with more objects, more lines, and more math and logic concepts.

I SPY ARCADE: CRITTER CRAZE (Available March 2012)
Corral bugs and critters in a fast-paced game of visual discrimination. To advance through the levels, players must match critters with common characteristics.  As each level gets solved, players unlock magnifying glasses, flashlights and x-ray tools to help distinguish the critters.

Since the first I SPY book, written by Jean Marzollo with photographs from Walter Wick, was published by Scholastic 20 years ago, the program has expanded to include 42 million books in print. Scholastic Media has developed the property into a best-selling global franchise – including an Emmy Award-winning television series that airs on HBO Family in the US – and has been sold in more than 30 countries worldwide. In addition to Leapster, Leapster2 and Leapster Explorer, the best-selling I SPY interactive franchise includes product offerings on platforms such as LeapFrog’s Tag Learning System, Nintendo Wii™ and DS™, as well as apps for iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®.

For more information on I SPY please visit For more information on Scholastic apps please or or

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