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Sentey GS-6400R Arvina PC Case Review

Today for review I’ve got a PC case from a company called Sentey, it’s the GS-6400R Arvina and it’s a big case with a ton of room in it. The case has a built-in card reader and an SATA port on the top that works with the included SATA data and power cables that come with the case. The Arvina has more than enough room for the largest of video cards, along with space for five hard drives.


GS-6400R – Arvina


-Supports Motherboard E-ATX (33cm x 30cm)

-6 Cooling Fans Red included

-1 mm Steel SECC Chassis

-Mesh Front Panel

-Card Reader + 4 USB + E-Sata + Native Sata + Audio

-Easy SATA drive connection without enclosures

-21.65 (L) x 8.42 (W) x 20.47 (H)

Technical Info:

Case Type: High Tower

Material: SECC 1mm Chassis

Front Material: Plastic

External Color: Red

Side Panel: Solid Side Panel w/ ventilation

Motherboard: E-ATX – ATX, Micro ATX

Motherboard’s Screws: Bronze

5.25″ Drive Bays: 5

External 3.5″ Drive Bays: No

Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays: 5

Expansion Slots: 7

Chassis Color: Black

Usb Ports: 4 x Usb 2.0

Audio Ports: Yes

E-Sata Ports: 1

Native Sata: Yes

Card Reader: CF/MD, XD, SD/MMC, TF and MS/M2

Thumbscrews: Yes

Side Cooler: 2 x 80 mm Red Led Fan

Front Cooler: 1 x 140 mm Red Led Fan

Rear Cooler: 1 x 120 mm Red Led Fan

Top Cooler: 2 x 120 mm Red Led Fan

Watercooling Support: Yes

Power Supply Mounts: Bottom rear of the case

Hidden Cables: Yes

Dimensions: 21.65″ (L) x 8.42″ (W) x 20.47″ (H)

Accessories included: 8 FDD screws + 25 HDD and Motherboard screws + 8 HDD Cage screws + 12 OCC screws + 5 Motherboard support screws

Net Weight: 12.5 kg (27.56 lbs)

Gross Weight: 13 kg (28.66 lbs)

Warranty: 1 year limited (for Parts and Labor)

Price: $101.77 (From Amazon at time of review)



The Arvina comes in a big box as it’s a big case. Inside you’ll find the case wrapped in a cloth bag and protected by Styrofoam.

sentey1 sentey2

The case is bright red, some people may not like the color but I think it’s nice to be different. If you don’t like red you can get other colors though. The case is a combination of plastic and metal. The red paint job is nicely done. The case itself seems well made and sturdy.


On the front of the case you’ll find vented drive bay covers, the Sentey logo and a built-in card reader at the top.

sentey4 sentey5

On the top of the case is a large power button and four buttons that control the fans. There’s also a smoke colored sliding door that covers SATA power and data connections, four USB ports, audio ports and the reset button.

sentey6 sentey7 sentey8

On the left side of the case is what I guess is the Sentey logo in the form of sort of a window, but it’s actually ventilation for the fans on the inside.


The right side of the case is just plain red.


Moving around to the back we find the chassis is painted black, it goes good with the red color I think. You’ll find the familiar stuff on the back, along with liquid cooling ports as well. The side panels are held on with thumbscrews and spring locks.

sentey11 sentey12 sentey13

Moving to the bottom of the case you’ll find a lot of ventilation and rubber feet.




The front of the case pop off easily to reveal a front cooling fan and four 5.25” bays along with one 3.5” bay. Two of the bay covers are spring loaded so you can install an optical drive and it will remain hidden.


Removing the right side panel you’ll find a large hole for the CPU, and three holes for routing wires along with cables ties. The hard drive bay is open so you can run the wires to and from the hard drives.

sentey16 sentey17 sentey18 

When you remove the left side panel the first thing you’ll notice is the fans that are there to keep your video cards nice and cool. The fans are mounted on a metal bar that swings out and can be removed if need be.

sentey19 sentey20 sentey21 sentey22

Here are a few views of the inside of the case, the PCI cards are held in place with plastic locks, and there are ventilation spots on the bottom of the case as well. One is for the power supply and one is for an optional fan.

sentey23 sentey24 sentey25

The optical drives are held in place with spring loaded locks, it makes it easy to install them.


On the bottom is the hard drive cage. The hard drives go into racks that slide into place. The cage itself can be removed as well. The racks are screw less; you just pop the hard drive in place and push the plastic tabs in on the side.

sentey27 sentey28 sentey29 sentey30 sentey31

Inside of the case you’ll also find a tool box, it’s plastic and inside you’ll find a screwdriver, motherboard speaker, PCI slot cover, cleaning cloth, and a bag of screws for installation.

sentey32 sentey33

Included also is a mini-CD that has the drivers for the card reader on it. There’s also a set of cables that go with the SATA port on top of the case, and then there’s some documentation.

sentey34 sentey35


I installed my main system in the Arvina case and I found that there’s a lot of room in it, more than enough for the largest of video cards I would think. I have two ATI video cards, one is a 4890 and the other is a 4870. I did a bit of wire management; the holes in the motherboard tray come in handy for that.

sentey36 sentey37 sentey38

Here’s the back of the case with the wires, I didn’t do much management back there but there’s a lot of room there so it’s not really needed if you don’t want to.

sentey39 sentey40

All of the fans in this Arvina have red LEDs in them, and they are bright. The top fan controller has red LED indicators as well, and the power button has blue LEDs. It’s very bright in the dark; I don’t think you’d want to sleep with this case in your bedroom, unless you like nightlights.

sentey41 sentey42 sentey43 sentey44 

Speaking of fans they’re quiet, they’re very quiet actually. I did run into a small issue with them though, the left side panel vibrates sometimes and it can be very annoying. Smacking the side panel fixes the problem temporarily though.

I did run into another small problem with the card reader, it worked fine for a while then it just stopped working. I unplug it from the USB header on my motherboard and moved it to another one and it worked fine again. I’m not sure what the problem there was.

I really like the addition of the SATA ports on top they work well with the included cables for quickly and easily transferring data from a loose hard drive.



The Sentey Arvina is a top notch case truly, there’s plenty of room for the largest video cards and everything else that you might need to put in there.

The addition of the card reader is a useful thing for sure, it makes life much easier.

I really like the SATA ports on the top of the case, the cables are long enough to reach to the bottom of the case so your hard drive can just sit flat on your desk.

The case is well made, it’s big and bold, if you want to make a statement then this is the case for you.



+Lots of room

+Well made case

+Relatively quiet

+Easy installation

+SATA connections on top of case with cables

+Built-in card reader

+Looks great



-Small issue with card reader

-Case side panel vibrates annoyingly sometimes

-Sucks dust in, a lot of it

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