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Synology Announces 2 Bay Series – A NAS for Every Network


I love Synology! I’ve got one of their NAS boxes sitting here on the shelf next to me actually, they make the best NAS boxes out there surely. They’ve just introduced three new affordable NAS solutions starting at under $200, which isn’t bad for a Synology branded product!



Synology America Corp. today announced a trio of 2-bay DiskStations designed to fit a variety of budgetary concerns. Following hot on the heels of the powerful and scalable DS712+, Synology proudly launched the DiskStations DS212+, DS212, and DS212j.

“The addition of these three models to Synology’s lineup means that business users, no matter how small, can afford a network attached storage solution to meet their needs,” said Doug Self, Product Marketing Manager at Synology America Corp. “With DiskStations starting under $200, Synology has a storage solution that will be at home on any network, from SOHO to larger offices.”

The new 2-bays are designed to be quiet and have low power requirements. At around a mere 18 watts in use, the new models reinforce Synology’s green credentials, and can save on energy costs when compared to PC file server alternatives. With the new case design, larger fans, and drive-noise damping features, the three network attached storage (NAS) models will fit unobtrusively into even extremely quiet offices environments.

The DS212+ and the DS212 additionally offer wake on LAN (WOL) support. These two are the first Synology releases to feature USB 3.0 support for rapid transfers to or from external disks.

Like the rest of Synology’s lineup, the three new models run Synology’s renowned DiskStation Manager (DSM) 3.2 operating system, packed with business-friendly features. DSM 3.2 offers compatibility with lightweight LDAP domains (even the ability to act as an LDAP server).

Other features of DSM 3.2 include:

  • Join ADS domains up to 100,000 users and groups
  • iOS and Android™ apps for access to media and data on the go
  • OS X Lion and Time Machine® support
  • DLNA® server for multimedia streaming

For more information on the new addition, please see here:http://www.synology.com/us/DS212X/index.php.

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