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Xclio Touch 320 Mid Tower PC Case

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Xclio but they’ve just introduced a few new cases and they’ve sent me over two of them for review. Today we’ll start off with the Touch 320 Mid Tower Chassis that features six fans pre-installed; those fans are controlled by a touch panel fan controller located on the front of the case, that’s where the name ‘Touch’ comes from of course. Let’s just get into it…


Tech Specs,Features or the Basic Info:

Touch 320

Touch Control Panel Concept:

The touch control panel comes with 4 buttons with special surrounding LED lighting display, the touch button concept is same as touch panel mobile phone or devices, you can easily touch the button to control your case fans, and the concept is cool and unique, perfect for gamers or professional end-users.

Touch Control Panel Functions:

From top to bottom

Button 01: LED ON/OFF > one touch can switch the case fan LED on or off.

Button 02: FAN ON/OFF > one touch can switch the case fan on or off.

Button 03: HIGH SPEED > one touch select the fan running at high speed.

Button 04: LOW SPEED > one touch select the fan running at low speed.


Pro Class Mid Tower Case Chassis

Unique & Flexible Design

New Concept Touch Control Panel

2pcs 12cm Blue LED Fans Pre-Installed

Plastic Fan Guards Pre-Installed

Support Water Cooling

Support Long Graphic Card Up to 340mm


Brand: XClio

Model: Touch 320

Type: Mid Tower

Color: Fully BLACK Finish

Case Material: Chassis: SECC Steel; Frontpanel: ABS Plastic

Motherboard Compatibility: Mini ITX, Flex ATX, Mini ATX, Micro ATX & Standard ATX


External 5.25″ Drive Bays: 3

Internal 3.5″ Drive Bays: 8

Expansion Slots: 7

Top Ports: USB2.0 x 2pcs + AUDIO (AC97+HD AUDIO)

Cooling System:

Case Chassis – Front: Support 2pcs 12cm (Pre-Installed 1pc 12cm Blue LED Fan)

Case Chassis – Top Support 2pcs 12cm or 14cm (Optional)

Case Chassis – Rear: Support 1pc 8cm or 12cm (Pre-Installed 1pc 12cm Blue LED Fan)

Case Chassis – Side Support 2pcs 12cm or 14cm (Optional)

Case Chassis – Bottom: Support 1pc 12cm (Optional)

Physical Spec:

Dimensions: 195x442x508MM (WxHxD)

Price: $69.99 (from NewEgg at time of review)


A Better Look at Things – Outside:

The Xclio Touch 320 comes packaged well; actually it’s packed like most every other PC case with Styrofoam and plastic.



Inside you’ll see the case and user’s manual.


The Touch 320 is all black in color, both inside and out actually. You’ll see the inside later of course. The right side is plain, not much special there. The case seems well made, it’s made of steel so it’s sturdy but it’s not very heavy really.xclio4 xclio5

On the left side there are two 120mm fans pre-installed for you. You’ll notice extra holes around the fans; you can install larger fans if you want.

xclio6 xclio7

The front, like the rest is all black with a small Xclio logo there. There are three 5.25” bays on the front.

xclio8 xclio9

Above the bays you’ll find the power button, USB and audio ports along with the reset button.


Under the bays you’ll find the featured part of the Touch 320, the touch panel to control the fans. You can control the fans to go to high or low settings, turn them on or off and then there’s a button to turn the fan LEDs on or off. On both sides of the panel you’ll see a mesh covering behind which is a cooling fan.


On the top of the Touch 320 you’ll find two more 120mm fans pre-installed for you. Like the side panel, you can install larger fans for more cooling if needed.

xclio12 xclio13

Moving around to the back you’ll see the common stuff, along with holes for liquid cooling as well. The side panels are held on with thumbscrews for easy access.

xclio14 xclio15 xclio16 

On the bottom you’ll see four rubber feet and ventilation for the PSU and a space for another fan.



A Better Look at Things – Inside:

Taking the right side panel off we can see how he inside is black to match the outside. There’s a nice cutout where the CPU would be located to make cooler installation easy for you. You’ll also see several cutouts for routing your wires. You can see the hard drive cage with the tool-less connections, the little red hard twist to lock or unlock the racks for the drives. You’ll find the same thing on the other side as well.

xclio18 xclio19

Ok, taking the left side panel off you can get a better look at those two fans on the side.


And then here’s the full view of the inside of the case:


Looking through the hard drive rack you can see the front fan and space for eight hard drives.


Above the hard drive rack is the 5.25” bays of course and in there you’ll find the accessory bag.


The 5.25” bays are tool-less and your devices are held in place by locks on the outside.


On the bottom of the case you’ll see the connections for the motherboard headers along with a molex power connection for the fan connector. On the fan controller you’ll see two empty spots for the side panel fans.

xclio25 xclio26 xclio27 

Here’s the bottom of the case from the inside, you can see the fan mount a little better here.


Then here are the top two fans and the rear 120mm fan. They all have Xclio branded fan grills on them which is a nice touch.


The accessory bag is small and there’s not much in it.




Well let’s get a system installed in it. The motherboard fits fine, but you’ll notice the hard drives stick out pretty far but larger video cards should still fit.

xclio31 xclio32

The area at the top is a bit tight once you’ve got your CPU cooler installed. I install my coolers before I put the motherboard in the case so getting the top mobo screw near the cooler in was a bit hard. The case does allow for large coolers to be installed, but those extra large coolers out there might be a problem because of the side fans.


Here’s everything installed in the case, I didn’t do any wire management here though so it’s a bit messy.


All of the fans have blue LEDs in them and the touch fan controller lights up blue as well. The touch controls work well, but there is a second or so lag between touching the button and something happening.


You can turn the fan LEDs off, but the fan controllers still stay lit. The hard drive activity LEDs are blue and they’re located at the bottom of the front of the case.


Here’s the top and side fans lit up, they’re rather bright. In a dark room the fans will provide a lot of light.

xclio37 xclio38

You can run the fans on high or low, but I’d keep the fans on low as they’re rather loud when running on high. Too loud for my tastes anyway, but they’ll keep your system cool.


Summary and Comments:

Overall the Xlcio Touch 320 is a nice case. Aesthetically the case looks nice and there’s plenty of room inside for installing even the largest sized video cards. The touch fan controller is a nice touch that makes it easy to control the speeds of your fans.

The Touch 320 is tool-less making installation quick and easy and there’s plenty of room for several hard drives for storage.

The fans can be loud when on high, but when on low they’re very quiet and they still keep your system cool.


We give the Xclio Touch 320 Mid Tower PC Case a 4.5 out of 5 score.




+Quiet when fans on low

+Nicely made and good looking

+Lots of ventilation to keep things cool

+Low price

+Room for large video cards

+Touch panel is easy to use

+Comes with a lot of fans

+Can install larger fans if need be



-Fans can be loud on high

-Slight delay in the touch buttons

-Tight working area at the top

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