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Aputure Gigtube Wireless GW3C Live View Angle Finder with Shutter Cable Release for Canon 7D

Today we were planning to release a review of the Aputure Gigtube Wireless GW3C Live View Angle Finder with Shutter Cable Release for Canon 7D. Unfortunately, the vendor did not include the main cable and has refused to get it replaced.

Luckily, our in house professional photographer managed to find a cable that worked to get the unit working and below are the results.

Battery life
The batteries have a short run time as they ran out of power very quickly (depending on use but seemed to die within an hour or two). While on the topic, the external display has a battery life indicator, however, we are not sure if it could be trusted, since it still shows full battery after several days of use.

The Gigtube Wireless has a 3.5″ display – larger than any conventional DSLR display. Although 0.5 inch might not sound like much it did feel substantially larger than our Canon 7D. Resolution is a different matter. Aputure used a 230k resolution display this is relatively low in comparison to most current day semi-pro and pro-level DSLR cameras. However, it does the job.

Overall Build Quality

The Aputure has a lot of work to do with the build quality. It’s not that it is poorly built, but materials quality has a lot to be desired. The plastic used for the body was of very poor quality and with so many options on the market, they could have done better, especially where the grip is. Don’t get us wrong here, the Gigtube Wireless worked okay for what it is and did not break or anything of that sort, but professional photographers are used to working with more massive equipment and the Gigtube Wireless simply didn’t feel as robust. It felt very cheap and of very low quality – hopefully this will be addressed in future versions.

Manufacturer Support

NONE, after receiving the unit without a cable, we tried contacting the manufacturer and after several emails and trying to reach out through their Skype, we finally got a hold of some one who was of no help. We were rejected and the service level has ton to be desired.

Final Thoughts

Complete FAIL. After much review, we do like the idea of the product, but the execution was done horribly and the service is something that no one would want to deal with.

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