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D2_1061 10″ Tablet

D2 1061As with the other D2 products, you know that when you purchase something from this brand, you will be getting good quality for low prices. With this newest model, they have brought to the market their biggest tablet, an updated, sleek unit that is a step above their older models.


With a larger model, D2 has done well with avoiding bulky and unwieldy design. The D2_1061 is a bit larger than the other previous models (10.3 x 6.8 x 0.5 inch) and weighs in at just less than 1.5 pounds. A slight addition in weight from their other models is to be expected with the increase in size; however the unit does still feel a bit heavy. This is not a flaw in design and makes sense for the size of the unit, as it is within normal range of weights for various models of the same size by different brands. This weight was only noticed when transporting the unit. As it is a larger model, it is not as compact and lightweight as a smaller, more portable unit would be.

This model comes in only one color: Metallic Silver. The color choice seems to fit right in with their new trend towards metallic colors (as seen with the D2_751G) and leaves the flat black with their older models. It differentiates these tablets from many others on the market and offers a bit of variety from the typically available colors. With a smooth casing and rounded edges, it is easy to maintain and is comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time.


Not only did the size on the unit increase, so did the resolution on the screen. This larger screen has a higher resolution of 1024×600 pixels, ensuring that images are crisp, games look great, and reading is easy. The full brightness is sufficient for any sort of lighting, and the dim setting works well to avoid straining your eyes or lighting up the whole room when in low light.

With the higher resolution of the screen, the quality of the colors also seemed to be a bit brighter than on the previous models. Watching movies looked good and movement and color were both clear, especially on the larger screen.


The newest and most noticeable feature of the tablet is the dual facing camera. This is the first model in the D2 line to have both back and front facing cameras (others only had a front facing), no doubt in response to popular demand. While this is great to have to snap a quick picture, or use while web chatting, the quality of these cameras (0.2 MP front/3.0 MP back) won’t replace your handheld camera, or probably even your cell phone to take on the family vacation.


Thankfully, this model is Google Certified, and comes with the newest Android OS, 4.1 Jelly Bean.  This means access to the Google Play Store, along with the ability to stay up to date with the newest apps. While Jelly Bean is the newest and fastest OS, the tablet still had a couple hiccups running the system.  The unit was still a bit sluggish at times and had a couple of moments of unresponsiveness. However, this was not frequent and was definitely tolerable in small doses and did not negatively impact normal use.

As with all electronics, the usage and applications had a definite impact on the battery life of the tablet. If it was run with brightness all the way up, multiple applications being run through WiFi, and all notifications and updates on, the battery lasted significantly less than 7 hours, much closer to 2-3. However, after turning the brightness down, turning off WiFi when not in use, and disabling updates on certain apps, the battery lasted much longer, about 4-5 hours while still using the unit moderately during those times. This may pose an issue if you are a heavy tablet user, but if it is used for recreation, it seemed like the battery life was decent, especially since it was left on the charger when not in use.


This tablet was overall fun to use, and certainly met expectations for a tablet at this price. Understandably, this tablet is the most expensive of the D2 tablets, as it is the largest, newest, and most updated. But it was great being able to use the most updated Android OS, and it was much nicer being able to see the whole screen in a higher resolution. This model is great for at home use, and probably for students taking to class or business people on trips, but it isn’t great for on-the-go, quick use because of its size and weight.

Pros: Sleek design that’s comfortable to hold and use. Low price for size and quality.
Cons: Slightly heavier than some other brands. Sometimes lags or is momentarily unresponsive. Short battery life if used heavily.

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