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Facebook Vs. Princeton: Let the Play Jabs Fly!

bamThis just in! Facebook’s top researchers have made a shocking discovery!Through extensive research of Google Trends, they have predicted the fate of enrollment at Princeton University: enrollment will dwindle by half by 2018, and there will be no students at the University by 2021.

“Based on our robust scientific analysis, future generations will only be able to imagine this now-rubble institution that once walked this earth,” reads a note published Thursday by Facebook data scientists Mike Develin, Lada Adamic, and Sean Taylor. This information is accompanied by their prediction, using the same method of research, that the Earth will run out of air by 2060.

Don’t be scared, though. This unscientific and ridiculous finding has been simply Facebook’s retort to the recent publication of Princeton’s research paper that used similar “robust scientific analysis” of Google Trends conclude that Facebook will lose 80 percent of its users by 2017.
Of course, Facebook won’t let Princeton crush their hopes. Instead of calling out the bad science, Princeton becomes a victim of their own science. The result is far more entertaining, and shows the critics that Facebook isn’t backing down, and certainly isn’t running scared at any of the research about their projected future. Facebook takes this recent publication in stride, reminding readers that not all research brings in accurate results.

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