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How Windows 10 devices will be integrated

Microsoft’s big commitment with Windows 10 is its ability to run apps across the entire platform. Besides smartphones, Cortana will be added to desktop and the Xbox One’s Game DVR tool being available on your gaming PC are but a few examples. The idea is to make standards across the Windows 10 platform so everything remains familiar regardless of what device is being used to access. That means Windows 10 should have, according to Microsoft, “an adaptive user experience with natural inputs; calls for cloud-based services including Cortana integration and the action center and one design language across the board.”


By “Adaptive user experience” this means that the app will, well, adapt to whatever size or resolution screen you’re using without lag in terms of inputs, menus and interface.

Microsoft wants all applications to make use of inputs that are comprehensible based on the device you’re using them on. So, for instance, keep touch function for OneNote on smartphones, a pen input with Surface tablet, voice and eye tracking for desktop platform. This design way of thinking will seamlessly travel across every Win10 device.


The idea is there, doesn’t matter what Windows 10 device is being used, whether a tablet, smartphone, PC, laptop touchscreen or non-touchscreen, they will all be interconnected and act as an extension of each other. I, for one, am excited for this integration and as the release date nears, more new details for this platform will come during the Build event this April.

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