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Oblanc Cobra Review

“Enjoy the Musical Life”

Right from the start, Oblanc lets you know that these headphones have a two part goal they are reaching for: you won’t simply listen to music, but will enjoy wearing these headphones to experience your music. This pair of Oblanc headphones definitely has proven it is possible to meet both the needs of comfort and quality of sound. In the past, over-the-ear headphones of this style seemed to only satisfy one of those needs. If the quality of the sound was great, they created such an uncomfortable pressure, it was difficult to wear them for more than an hour. But if the headphones were more comfortable, it seemed like the quality of sound was mediocre at best. With this pair of Oblanc headphones, both of these qualities have restored my faith in over-the-ear headphones.

Quality and Appearance

From the first impression of the packaging, the headphones appear to be high quality, sleek and stylish for the consumer looking for both durability for the day to day, and modern design. After pulling the pair out of the packaging, this perception did not prove wrong. The pair feels sturdy enough for everyday use, but not overly bulky and heavy. They are made with lightweight materials that really impress in strength. With a pop of color, the Cobras satisfy both physical quality and aesthetics.


Most important, of course, was the sound of the headphones. These headphones are designed for the music lover, and include a microphone to take calls for the busy multi-tasker. To say the least, the Cobras live up to their motto of “Enjoy the Musical Life”. They were tested with various types of music, from acoustic to electro, and each test proved the headphones more than capable. The sound was clear, and the experience enjoyable. Not only did they satisfy the need for good quality sounding music, they also made watching movies and gaming more enjoyable and enhanced the overall experience.

Comfort Built In

While the quality and appearance impressed from the start, the final test was in the comfort.  I was a little hesitant to commit to watching an entire TV show with these on, but ended up indulging in more than my fair share of TV for one sitting, not once feeling the need to readjust or remove the headphones. The vinyl covering on the earphones is comfortable, and creates a nice sound-blocking barrier that keeps your sound in, and blocks most outside sounds. And for those who need a little more space, adjusting the size is easy, smooth, and stays securely in place. The only negative on the comfort of the design is the curve of the head piece. It is very slightly flattened, so the pair had to be adjusted to a larger setting so the top did not put pressure against the top of my head. However, this was a small adjustment that was easily fixed.



For the price of these headphones, their quality and performance get two thumbs up. They sound great, providing an enjoyable listening experience that is clear, and comfortable. They are suited for long daily wear, are sleek and modern looking, and are versatile and light for the active user.

Pros: Comfort and quality of sound are great for the price. The headphones are good-looking and stylish.

Cons: Outside sound is not blocked out well, but not perfectly. More fitted for smaller ears.


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