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Japan to step into the 3D printing field

3dprinter-japanWhile the US has been making strides in the 3D printing field, it seems like other countries haven’t quite put as much effort into the field. But now, the Japanese government will be funding a group to work with the versatile technology.

This group will consist of 27 companies, such as Panasonic and Nissan Motor, and various universities. With the minds of industry leaders, innovators, and the funding of the government, the 3D printing technology will be focused on titanium-based parts, such as airplane parts and artificial joints for medical use.

The government’s contribution of 3.8 billion yen ($36.5 million) this year, along with the additional 500,000 yen dues from each member will fund the efforts of the group.

Currently, the group hopes to have its first prototypes for the machines ready by 2015, along with some ready for commercial sale. By 2019, they hope to have final finished machines for medical equipment and aircraft part production.


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