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UniKey and Samsung work together to Smart-lock your office

UniKey, who makes the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt, will be partnering with Samsung’s Knox Enterprise Mobility Solution, it was announced this week at Mobile World Congress. The partnership goal is to bring the Kevo’s touch-to-enter tech to businesses, commercial properties, and government institutions worldwide.

Announcement came shortly after Kevo’s Android app arrival. Available since 2013, the Kwikset Kevo packs Bluetooth 4.0 into a normal-looking deadbolt with a touch capacitive outer ring. When the lock senses the smartphone nearby, you can simply tap to open.

New this 2015 is a Kevo Plus gateway accessory, which connects into your router to relay the lock’s Bluetooth signal out over Wi-Fi, enabling remote lock and unlock functionality. With the Knox partnership, UniKey hopes to grow its cloud functionality to doors, gateways, and badge access points in commercial institutions.

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