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Possible wireless network to come from Google

google-fiberGoogle may be thinking about running its own wireless network in areas where it has installed Google Fiber high-speed internet. Sources told The Information that the company may be looking to gain access to larger networks and reselling to customers, becoming a mobile virtual network operator.

With Google’s Fiber networks developing, other carriers, such as AT&T, are working to compete by putting their own networks in place. Currently, Google’s networks have been built in Missouri and Utah, and plans for Texas are in the works. By expanding its presence as a wireless network provider, Google will also increase its competition with those carriers. As a phone producer, Google works with these carriers, but becoming a provider would make the company a competitor.

By using areas that already have Fiber in place, the new networks could depend on Wi-Fi access points for the service when service is otherwise unavailable. While the company has been working to broaden access to public Wi-Fi networks, the Fiber network is still very small compared to the footprint of already established wireless providers. The information has not been confirmed by Google yet, but the venture does seem like possible ambitious move by the company.


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