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NASA has issues with their ‘jelly doughnut’

(Credit: NASA)

(Credit: NASA)

NASA may be in a little hot water over a jelly doughnut.  Well, possibly an alien jelly doughnut. Confused yet? Mars rover Opportunity recently transmitted images of a “jelly doughnut” shaped rock that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. But self-proclaimed astrobiologist Rhawn Joseph is convinced that this is a living fungus, and that NASA is attempting a cover-up.

In fact, he’s so convinced that he has taken it to the Northern California US district court, and filed a complaint against NASA. Joseph has asserted that the “jelly doughnut” is not a rock, but, even in the original image that is seemingly only dirt, “resembles a fruiting body of a fungus which has just begun to germinate from spores.” From the first discovery of the mysterious rock, NASA has attempted to explain its presence, possibly a meteorite impact, or the rover’s own movement sending the object to it’s new resting place. Steve Squyres, the head of the Mars rover project, stated “We have looked at it with our microscope. It is clearly a rock,” in the recent press conference.

The full claim is truly an interesting read and Joseph has brought up a lot of points that confront NASA’s handling of the situation, along with his own remedies for how to go about fixing their faux pas. But we won’t ruin the ending for you. Check out the full text, and come to your own conclusions.


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