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Time to take the fish for a walk

Every morning, you wake up, take Fido for a walk, throw some fish food into Nemo’s tank, jump into your car and go to work. That means Fido gets a nice leisurely stroll, or maybe a drag, before being put back into the yard for the day. But Nemo doesn’t get much more than a tap on the glass and maybe a morning greeting. For poor Nemo, this means always being confined to his tank, never getting to explore his surroundings. But thanks to Studio Diip, the future may hold pleasant changes for our confined companions.

Last Friday, Studio Diip released video of their device “Fish on Wheels”, that allows your fishy friend to navigate its own motorized go-kart. Using a computer webcam and an Arduino to control the vehicle, the video shows Studio Diip’s goldfish, Little Dory, now able to navigate around a room with a new set of wheels. The webcam installed above the small tank takes data from the fish’s direction of swimming to move the vehicle. Now it looks like our fish will have some more freedom around the dry world, from the safety and comforts of their watery home.


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